East Fork Roofing is a licensed by the state of Nevada Manufactured Housing Division to service mobile homes under license number K0053.

When you notice the shingles on your mobile home roof buckling, peeling, or lifting it’s time to contact a mobile home roof replacement specialist to assess the damage.

If it’s confirmed that your mobile home roof needs to be replaced, make sure that the company who does your Reno roof repair or replacement has the expertise to get the job done right.

East Fork Roofing is a licensed by the state of Nevada Manufactured Housing Division to service mobile homes under license number K0053. You should only use licensed individuals for work on your mobile home Reno roof replacement as building codes vary from standard stick built homes to manufactured homes.

The mobile home roofing experts at East Fork Roofing in Reno are pros at mobile home roof replacement. Our sophisticated estimating system allows us to quote your Reno roofing in as little as 5 business days using aerial imagery, without a site visit.

Reno Mobile Home Roof Replacement Process

Get a little more information about what we do to restore the roof on your mobile home and bring it not only up to safety standards, but ensure long-lasting life.

Prepare Aerial Imagery Proposal

Using specialized roofing software that allows us to measure your roof via aerial imagery (satellite and airplane images), we determine the size of your roof. We also conduct a risk and scenario analysis. We combine the risk, scenario, and measurement data to generate proposal of what it would cost you to do a basic roof and we also provide pricing for any anticipated scenarios we may encounter.

Acceptance, Review, and Planning Stage

Upon your acceptance of our proposal and receipt of down payment or approval of project financing, we will conduct what we call a “contingency inspection.” This inspection is conducted by a foreman who will be responsible for execution of your project. The purpose of this visit is for the foreman to complete an in depth analysis of the entire project and determine which, if any, of the proposed scenarios apply to this project. They also plan the details of the execution of the project, which many of our competitors may or may not do until day of the project or ever. These details include: dumpster and ground tarp placement, a project safety plan, a property protection plan, and a building code evaluation. This step helps ensure your project is ready to begin the Reno roofing process and prevent delays during the project.

Roof Removal (Tear-off)

For the best results, we’ll completely remove the old layers of your Reno roofing to ensure that the decking is sound. During the Reno roof replacement process, the entire team is looking for defective decking and determining if any would need to be replaced. Any decking that is not capable of providing support of the weight of the roofing or capable of holding the nails, will be replaced prior to install.

Prepare the roof for new shingles

We’ll install drip edge along your roof’s edges, as required by building code, to prevent long term damage to fascia and wood around the perimeter of your roof. Roofing felt will then be installed to provide the first layer of moisture protection.

Install shingles

Next, new shingles are installed from the bottom up, including starter strip for enhanced wind protection, flashing, ridge vents and ridge capping, as necessary. One thing that differentiates us from the guy with a ladder and a truck is that we always use the manufacturer’s recommended materials to ensure a 130 mph wind warranty.

Clean up

While we spend time every day cleaning up our mess, we do a final clean-up when we’re done. Our goal is to leave your property cleaner than before our project.

Wrap-up and final inspection

Once the job is completed, the same foreman who did the upfront inspection of the Reno roof repair or replacement does a thorough inspection to make sure the project meets our internal quality standards and every part of the project was completed as requested. By having this completed by the same person that set up the project, we ensure the Reno roofing project was executed as agreed. If any issues occurred during the project, this process cannot be closed until all issues are resolved.

Benefits Of Asphalt Shingles On Mobile Homes

  • Affordability
  • Work well on homes with steep slopes
  • Easy installation – reducing the cost of labor
  • Low maintenance and can be walked on with very limited damaged
  • Compatible with most roofs
  • Come in a range of colors, styles and prices
  • Can be easily repaired
  • Offer good insulation qualities
  • All the brands are Class A fire rated (may help with insurance costs)
If you need to replace the asphalt shingles on your mobile home roof don’t put it off – the longer you wait the more damage your roof could sustain, resulting in higher repair costs for you.