Permitting Info by Entity:

Acquiring permits and scheduling necessary inspections are an integral part of a roof replacement. Different permitting entities have different processes, but the main format is the same. We apply for a permit, post it on the house and schedule up to three inspections. The respective city or county will send an inspector to look at the roof and they will sign the permit. Once they sign off on the final inspection, you can keep the permit for your records.


If the county considers the building a commercial property, there are a few preliminary steps to take before getting the city/county permit. They are:
We collect samples from various sections of the roof and submit them to Asbestos TEM Laboratories
If the samples are clean of asbestos, we apply for a permit through the Health Department (usually takes 2-3 business days)
If you it comes back tainted, we would need to alter the original course and work with an abatement company to remove the asbestos.
Once we have a permit from the Health Department, we can apply for the standard permit through the city/county
We schedule needed inspections depending on which permitting entity we are working with.
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