110 River Village Circle

January 15, 2018

110 River Village Circle Residential Roofing

110 River Village Circle Residential Roofing

110 River Village Circle Residential Roofing

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Today's featured roof replacement was completed in Dayton, NV at the beginning of June of 2017 by East Fork Roofing, LLC.

East Fork begins their work by removing the old roofing materials and managing the waste so the client does not have to. Then, they inspect the underlying wooden structures to make sure everything is in order. If all is well, they then move forward to applying drip-edge, felt and new composition roofing shingles. In this case, the old material that was taken away was shake. It was replaced with charcoal metal drip-edge, 15 lb felt and Malarkey Highlander shingles in the color blend known as "Storm Grey".

If you would like to learn more about the specific shingles used here, click this link: : https://malarkeyroofing.com/shingle-color-selector(Then, click on the “Laminated Architectural Shingles” button, then “Highlander Shingle Line” and then click on the “Storm Grey” image.)

Each of East Fork's full roof replacements are covered by a 5-year service warranty as well as the manufacturer's warranty. Is it time to replace your roof? Call 775-800-ROOF (7663) to get started!



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