Roof Replacement: 180 Silverstone Place

December 3, 2018

After Roof Replacement

Additional After Photos

Here is a Northeast Reno home that had its roof replaced by East Fork Roofing, LLC at the end of August of 2017.

East Fork began by removing the old brown composition shingles and putting them in a dumpster. Next, they inspected the wood underneath to make sure it was still in good condition.  One piece of plywood needed replacing, so that was done. Once that was done, new charcoal colored metal drip edge and felt underlayment were installed. The felt was upgraded to 2 ply 15 lb at 18" laps, which gives 30 lb felt protection.

The shingles chosen by this client were Malarkey Highlander's "Black Oak". This is one of Malarkey's darkest shingle offerings. To see a more shingle colors and to learn more about the benefits of Malarkey's Highlander line in general, please see Malarkey's website here. (Malarkey has since updated their Highlander line to include polymers for even more benefits and now calls it Highlander NEX.)

Is your roof telling you that it is time to be replaced? Why not call East Fork Roofing for a free and easy estimate at 775-800-ROOF (7663).

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