26 Castle Way

August 13, 2017


Additional After Photos

This home's roof had a combination of flat and sloped areas that needed replacing and East Fork Roofing did just that in mid-May of 2017. The project was in Carson City, NV.

To begin, East Fork Roofing removed the aged roofing materials and had them hauled away. Next, new OSB sheathing was installed over the existing sheathing. After that brown metal drip-edge, 15 lb felt, and new 30 year shingles were installed on the sloped areas, while a new torch applied roofing system was put on the flat areas.

The composition shingles that were installed were made by Malarkey and were from their Highlander line. The color blend was called "Antique Brown".  (To learn more,  check out Malarkey’s website: https://malarkeyroofing.com/shingle-color-selector. Click on the “Laminated Architectural Shingles” button, then “Highlander Shingle Line” and then click on the “Antique Brown” image).

This roof is covered by Malarkey's 130 mph wind warranty as well as East Fork Roofing's 5-year service warranty. Call to get your new roof started today! 77-800-ROOF (7663)



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