300 Juniper Hill Road

January 2, 2017

Reno roofing Juniper before


Reno roofing 300 Juniper


Reno roofing Juniper a

Reno roofing Juniper e

Reno roofing Juniper c

Reno roofing Juniper d

Reno roofing Juniper f

Reno roofing Juniper g

Additional After Photos

Today's featured roof replacement is located in Reno, NV off of Mayberry Drive. The project was completed at the beginning of November 2016. This home is on the larger side, so there was quite a bit to do.

As is the usual routine, the existing shingles and other roofing materials were removed and taken away by East Fork Roofing's staff. Once the plywood and OSB underneath was checked to be in good condition, 15 lb felt was laid on top. Lastly, composition shingles were installed. The client went with Malarkey's "Natural Wood" color choice from their Highlander line. They also selected charcoal colored metal drip-edge.

This roof replacement is covered by East Fork Roofing's 5-year service warranty as well as Malarkey's manufacturer's warranty.


2400 Tampa St #101,
Reno. NV  89512
3550 Watt Ave, Suite 140
Sacramento. CA  95821
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