Roof Replacement: 4345 Snowshoe Lane

December 2, 2018

After Roof Replacement

Additional After Images

Today's roof was replaced by East Fork Roofing, LLC in mid-August of 2017 in Reno, NV. (Some of the photos were taken on a sunny day and others on a cloudy one, which is why the lighting looks different.)

This client chose to go with Certainteed Landmark Pro's composition shingles in the color blend of "Max Def Weathered Wood".  Brown metal drip edge was selected to match. The client also chose to add extra protection to their roof with upgrades of 30 lb felt underlayment and ridge on the rakes. These upgrades are in addition to the manufacturer's warranty and East Fork Roofing's 5-year service warranty. (To learn more about Certainteed Landmark Pro shingles, you can click here. )

As you can see, the house got a new roof, as well as a pergola. Also, there was a low slope portion of the roof that needed a new torch applied roofing system (as seen in the second photo from the bottom).

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