629 Spokane Street

June 9, 2017

629 Spokane Street Residential Roofing


629 Spokane Street Residential Roofing

629 Spokane Street Residential Roofing

Additional After Photos

This roof replacement was for a 6-plex in Reno, NV. It was installed by East Fork Roofing LLC during mid-March of 2017.

For projects such as this, first an asbestos test must be done and submitted to the county for approval, which East Fork Roofing was happy to do. After that they tore off the old roof and replaced it with 15 lb felt and new composition shingles.

The new shingles were made by Malarkey and are in their Highlander line. The color scheme selected was "Sienna Blend" and the drip-edge metal color selected was brown to match.

This and all of East Fork's Reno roofing replacements are covered by a 5-year service warranty as well as Malarkey's manufacturer's warranty.

2400 Tampa St #101,
Reno. NV  89512
3550 Watt Ave, Suite 140
Sacramento. CA  95821
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