6815 Summit View Drive

July 3, 2017

6815 Summit View Drive Residential Roofing

After Photo

6815 Summit View Drive Residential Roofing

6815 Summit View Drive Residential Roofing

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This roof was replaced by East Fork Roofing in Reno, NV at the beginning of April, 2017.

First, East Fork removed the original composition shingles and other older roofing materials and had them taken away by a waste management company. Next, the underlying wooden structures were inspected for defects. No plywood or sheathing needed to be replaced, so then the roofers installed 15 lb felt and new composition shingles on top of that.

The shingles that were selected for this home were Certainteed Landmark's "Thunderstorm Gray". Charcoal metal drip-edge was installed at the edges to match. (You can learn more about the shingles here: https://www.certainteed.com/residential-roofing/products/landmark/.)

This home is covered by Certainteed's manufacturer's warranty as well as East Fork Roofing's 5-year service warranty. This client was able get their roof replaced faster than usual due to choosing a premium scheduling date.

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