884 Granite Court

March 10, 2017

884 Granite Court Residential Roofing


884 Granite Court Residential Roofing

Additional After Photo

This roof replacement was finished in Carson City, Nevada in the winter of 2017 by East Fork Roofing, LLC. The project included the back side of the mobile home only.

First, they removed and hauled away the existing roofing materials and then they inspected the wood underneath for defects. Once that was seen to be in order, they applied 15 lb felt and nailed composition shingles over that.

Before the job began, the client chose the type of shingle and color they preferred. In this case, they went with Malarkey Highlander in the color scheme of "Sienna Blend". The drip-edge metal was painted brown to match the shingles.

This roof is covered by East Fork Roofing, LLC's 5-year workmanship warranty as well as Malarkley's manufacturer's warranty. This client was able to expedite the installation start date of their roofing job by choosing to pay a premium.

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