Duplex Roof Replacement: 12381-12383 Green Mountain Street

September 26, 2018

Duplex Roof Replacement

After Roof Replacement


Duplex Roof Replacement Reno

Sparks Duplex Roof Replacement

Duplex Roof Replacement Sparks


Duplex Roof Replacement

Duplex Roof Replacement

Additional After Images

Today's property features both sides of a duplex that needed a roof replacement.  Each side of the duplex also had garages and roofs that connected to them that were re-roofed at the same time. This was all done by East Fork Roofing at the beginning of August in 2017 in Reno, NV.

To begin, the old roof was removed and the material was managed by East Fork Roofing. Then, after the wood underneath was inspected,  charcoal metal drip edge and 30 lb felt (and upgrade) were installed. Next, new composition shingles were applied to the sloped areas and a torch applied roofing system was put on the flat areas.

The shingles this client chose were Malarkey Highlander's "Midnight Black". To learn more about them, you can visit Malarkey's website here. (Please note: Malarkey has since upgraded their Highlander line to Highlander NEX, which has many new benefits.)

Does your duplex need a roof replacement? You are one phone call away from your free estimate. Call East Fork Roofing today at 775-800-ROOF (7663).

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