Roof Replacement: 195 Ponderosa Drive

October 31, 2018

After Roof Replacement

Additiona After Photos

This single wide mobile home received a roof replacement from East Fork Roofing at the end of August of 2017.

To begin, they removed the old roofing materials and disposed of them. After that, they inspected the underlying plywood. When it was seen to be defect-free, they moved along to install charcoal colored metal drip-edge, ice and water shield, 15 lb felt and new composition shingles.

The shingles this customer chose to go with were Certainteed Landmark Pro's "Max Def Georgetown Gray". You can look into those specific shingles here at Certainteed's website. (You can see that the color appears darker without the sun right on it, as in the photos.)

East Fork Roofing is a NV Mobile Home Division licensed roofing contractor. They know what needs to be done including installing ice and water shield according to the MHD's specifications. Do you have a mobile home in need a new roof? Call East Fork Roofing at 775-800-ROOF (7663).




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