Roof Replacement: 945 Calle Myriam Drive

December 8, 2018

After Roof Replacement

Additional After Photos

This new roof is brought to you by East Fork Roofing, LLC. It was done at the beginning of September of 2017 in Sparks, NV.

East Fork Roofing started the project by removing all the old roofing materials and disposing of them. Next, they inspected the wood underneath for possible signes of dry rot and found everything to be fine. After that, they installed new charcoal metal drip edge, ice and water shield, 30 lb felt (an upgrade from the usual 15 lb) and new 40-year composition shingles. This roof was a bit more of a challenge as it has a higher slope than many standard roofs.

The shingles that this client selected were Malarkey Highlander's "Midnight Black". You can learn more about the Highlander line here at Malarkey's website. (Malarkey's Highlander line has since been upgraded to include polymers for added benefits and is now called Highlander NEX.)

Is it time to re-do your roof? East Fork Roofing can get you on the right track. Give them a call at 775-800-ROOF (7663)!

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