Get to know your Reno roofing specialists as we prepare to give you 100% customer satisfaction.

Clay Davis

– Contractor

Clay has been a licensed Reno roofing contractor for over 30 years, most of them spent right here in Northern Nevada. He is our leader in the field and has helped make East Fork Roofing the family company it’s become.

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Mike Davis

– General Manager

Mike’s background in computer programming and project and human resource management make him an essential member of our team. He is intricately involved with helping our team execute the quality you deserve from a roofing company in Reno, NV.

kelli davis

Kelli Davis

– Client Relations/Estimating Assistant

I have been with East Fork Roofing for almost a year. I started Early last summer, with answering phones and taking Quote Requests. I spend a majority of my time working with customers, creating roof sketches, and preparing quotes. I love working for East Fork Roofing because I believe that Everyone needs a roof, so we are a company that will always be in business. My favorite Hobby is doing puzzles, and going on walks with my 18 month old son. We like to spend time outside blowing bubbles together, anytime we get a chance. I would say being a mom is my favorite way to spend any extra time that I have! That is the coolest thing I’ve crossed off my bucket list.  I wanted to be a mom for the longest time, and it was also my biggest surprise, in my life, as well as my greatest gift!

jacky juarez

Jacky Juarez

– Scheduling Operations Manager/Human Resources

Have been working for East Fork Roofing ,  LLC since March of 2017. Over 15 years of customer service experience and 5 years of  construction experience. Favorite show to binge watch is Dateline Murder Mysteries.



Niki’s extends her bookkeeping and tax preparation background to maintaining the company’s financial data and compliance by maintaining books on accounts payable and receivable, payroll administration duties, filing payroll tax returns and various reports, and completes daily financial entries and reconciliations. In addition, manages health & retirement benefits for all the employees.

Linda Stevenson

Linda Stevenson

I am the estimator and have been with East Fork Roofing since 2018. I review the initial contact information and the roof sketch, generate the proposal and sent it to the client. I have learned more  about roofing than I ever thought I would and love describing our products to curious clients. In my free time I like to go to karaoke- my friends and I take singing a little too seriously.

David Scott

David Scott

I have been a Sparks resident for 26 years. I have 5 years experience here at East Fork Roofing in most everything except work performed on the roof. Currently I am in sales, customer relations, prospecting, a BNI member, and I make presentations to realtors, property managers, etc. I enjoy travel and have been to many places around the world including the great pyramids of Giza and the Great Wall of China.



I’ve been with the company since 2019. I am the Permit Specialist, my job duties include: helping clients with HOA approval, applying for commercial and residential building permit applications, and requesting request city/county inspections I love to cook and go to the beach.  Favorite food – Mexican.