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Damage from a leaky roof can cost thousands of dollars so don’t put it off. If you think it’s about time for a Reno roof repair or replacement, give our Reno roofing company a call.

East Fork Roofing is a second generation, family-owned Reno roof replacement company that has been providing quality roof replacement services in Reno since 2005.

As a team of roofing contractors and specialists, we stand behind our services. In fact, we’re so confident in the Reno roofing projects we do that we offer a 5-year workmanship guarantee so you can rest easy knowing that your roof will be done right!

Our Reno Roofing Process

When you reach out to us with your Reno roof repair and replacement needs, you’ll receive a prompt reply from one of our knowledgeable and experienced team members within one business day. Once our roofing company understands your concerns, we use aerial imagery software to ensure the most efficient quote possible.

The quote will include a list of available dates, giving you the option to choose when the work will begin.

After we receive your approval and financing is put in place, we’ll send out an expert foreman – the one who will be with your Reno roofing project all of the way – to complete an in-depth planning inspection of both your roof and your location.

This will help our Reno roofing company put together a plan that ensures that the roofing project will go smoothly, allowing you to be involved in the planning process.

Your Reno Roofing Needs

If you’re looking for the most professional and reliable roofing companies in Reno NV, take a look at what we do here at East Fork Roofing.

When you reach out to our Reno roofing company, you’re not just some number and name. We strive to always provide the best roofing services in Reno NV for every customer, knowing that satisfied customers make us so successful.

In fact, much of our advertising is word of mouth, so our Reno roof repair and replacement company depends upon your satisfaction! That’s why we’re proactive in our communication…you’ll always “be in the loop” when it comes to your Reno roofing project. We know that you’ll have questions or concerns no matter the stage of the project, so you’ll always get prompt and courteous answers from our knowledgeable team of Reno roofing specialists.