Guarding Your Home from Winter Risks

Roof Snow & Ice Removal at East Fork Roofing

Protect your home this winter with East Fork Roofing’s specialized snow and ice removal services, serving both Nevada and California. Ensure the longevity and safety of your roof with our expert solutions.

Proactive Winter Roof Care Plans

Choose East Fork Roofing for unparalleled protection against winter’s harsh effects on your roof. Our team brings expertise in both emergency interventions and proactive winter readiness plans. We offer a comprehensive three-step winter readiness program that includes detailed roof inspections and preventative measures tailored to your specific needs. By focusing on early preparation and using advanced methods like the Arctic Steamer, we ensure your home remains safe and secure throughout the coldest months.

Rapid Response to Protect Your Roof

Emergency Ice Dam Removal

When ice dams pose a threat to the integrity of your roof, East Fork Roofing provides a swift and effective emergency service:

  • 1

    Immediate Assessment: Quick evaluation of the ice dam to determine the best removal strategy, ensuring minimal impact on your roof.

  • 2

    Advanced Removal Techniques: Utilization of the Arctic Steamer technology to safely melt away the ice without resorting to harmful chemicals or physical chipping that might damage shingles.

  • 3

    Post-Removal Inspection: After removing the ice dam, we inspect the roof for any underlying issues that could lead to future problems, offering solutions to prevent recurrence.