Seamless Roof Replacements

Expert Roof Replacement for Manufactured Homes by East Fork Roofing

At East Fork Roofing, we specialize in roof replacements tailored specifically for manufactured homes. Our process begins with a detailed inspection of your existing roof to assess its condition. We then proceed to remove old shingles and inspect the decking for any necessary repairs. Following this, we install advanced underlayment systems, including ice and water shields combined with dual layers of 15 lb. felt, ensuring robust protection and durability. Our team is equipped to handle every aspect of the installation, providing a seamless and efficient roofing experience.

Specialized Roofing Services For Your Manufactured Home

Select from three premium shingle options, each designed to enhance the durability and appearance of your manufactured home. Our dual-layer felt system offers superior leak protection, customized to the unique architectural features of mobile homes.

Precision and Compliance

Comprehensive Service from Inspection to Installation

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    Licensing and Compliance: Licensed by the Nevada Manufactured Housing Division, we meet all local requirements for mobile homes in California as well.

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    Inspection and Removal: We start by removing any existing shingles and inspecting the underlying wood for integrity.

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    Underlayment Installation: Our standard process includes the application of an adhesive ice and water shield directly to the decking, followed by two layers of 15 lb. felt for enhanced leak protection.

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    Finishing with Shingles: The roof is finished with high-quality shingles, available in three different options to best suit your home’s needs and aesthetic.