Roof Snow and ice dam Removal Services

Making sure you have the right company, that has the resources to help you and knows how to remove snow without causing damage to your roof is a challenge. Whether your home is a vacation home or your primary home, East Fork Roofing can help you rest assured that your roof will get taken care of through the winter. 
proactive snow removal

Proactive Roof snow removal services

The least expensive way to ensure that your roof is protected through the winter is to remove snow proactively. East Fork Roofing is constantly seeking new homeowners to add to their existing routes. This type of agreement has little headache because we are dispatched when a certain amount of snow falls on the roof. Our team removes that snow and then notifies you if you need any additional level of service. It will feel good to know your roof will be taken care of without having to notify us each time you want us to come out. Our team not only removes the snow, but can also make sure we clean up any mess we have made on your driveway and walkways.  

Winter Readiness Plans

Our winter readiness plans comprise 3 recommendations combined to help you feel confident in your roof throughout winter:

  1. Post-winter inspection - to determine any damage and provide recommendations early in the year.
  2. End of fall debris removal and inspection - to do a final inspection prior to snowfall and remove any debris that could change how water flows on your roof.
  3. Proactive Rooftop Snow Removal Services - our staff is on hand and ready to dispatch when snowfall hits a specific level.

These 3 recommendations will give you the peace of mind to know your roof is under watchful care.

Regardless, snowfall can exceed our ability to remove it fast enough and ice dams may form. If they do, we have the equipment needed to remove ice before it causes leaks or damages your roofing.

Plus, being a member of our club gives you access to discounted rates. 

Steamers in the News 

When ice dams are causing problems, the Arctic Steamer comes through. This is a non-damaging, chemical-free solution to your ice damming issues. The use of the Arctic Steamer combined with an experienced roofer creates faster melting with safer results. Contractors throughout the US and Canada rely on this technology to help their customers resolve their ice dam challenges. Unlike a traditional pressure washer, the Arctic Steamer is designed to channel high temperature water into gentle steam in a pattern that cuts through solid ice. Please view the videos on this page to learn more about this unique approach to maintaining the life of your roof.    

ARCTIC STEAMER Ice Dam Removal Reduces Damage

Even with proactive snow removal, or if left unabated, ice dams can form. The standard method of removing them by hitting them with a hammer or snow shovel is destined to damage the roof underneath. 15 minutes on the roof by someone without the right tools, can cause 1000's of dollars of damage.  East Fork Roofing uses a steam pressure machine to remove ice dams eliminating potential for damage to roofing.  

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