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Rooftop photoWhen you need a roof replacement, you want to invest in a roof that will stand up against extreme weather and will last. East Fork Roofing Reno offers unique asphalt shingles from Malarkey created with Flexor™ Technology. These particular shingles have increased flexibility, design, strength and tear-resistance compared to traditional shingles.

What is Flexor™ Technology ?

For over 30 years, Malarkey has been using SBS polymer technology to modify their asphalt roofing products. For those who are not shingle experts, you may not fully understand how Flexor Technology is created or how it benefits you. Which brings us to the question: What exactly is Flexor Technology?

To understand Flexor Technology, you must first understand the asphalt aging process. Asphalt ages due to heat, oxygen and UV rays. Asphalt shingles need a higher softening point than raw asphalt so that it can withstand the heat on a roof. Traditionally, oxidation – applying heat and oxygen- was used to increase the softening point. The issue is that the oxidation process basically ages the shingle and makes it rigid. If you were to bend it, the shingle would break and the granules would fall off.

Flexor Technology combines polymers with asphalt to raise the softening point instead of applying heat and oxygen. This means that the asphalt does not go through part of the aging process in order to create a shingle. By manipulating this step, the asphalt shingle retains the original flexibility of the raw asphalt. If you were to bend this type of shingle, it would actually bend and the granules would stay on.

Due to the increased flexibility of Flexor shingles, they can be installed in extreme temperatures. Cold weather is no longer an issue because these shingles are still flexible in temperatures as low as 0 degrees F (-18C). They also received a Class 4 impact resistance protection rating – the highest rating possible. These shingles can withstand a simulation of hailstones impacting a roof at 90 mph!

Finding the Right Shingle for Your House

Malarkey uses a variety of technologies to make their products, including Flexor™ and Nexgen™. The following is a list of shingle lines and their respective features:

  • Highlander® is a shingle designed to give the roof a dimensional appearance. It also includes The Zone® nailing area (as are all of the other shingle lines). Highlander is Malarkey’s baseline shingle and does not contain Flexor or Nexgen technology.
  • Vista™ is a shingle produced by using Nexgen™ Technology. Nexgen™ a blend of Flexor asphalt and recycled polymers. It has the strength and flexibility of Flexor shingles with a “green” twist.
  • Legacy® is designed to look dimensional on the roof. It is also created with Flexor technology, protecting it from extreme weather. It is a thicker shingle than the Vista.
  • Windsor® is a heavyweight designer shingle fortified with Flexor Technology to promote extreme weather protection. Offering a very distinctive look for one’s home, this is Malarkey’s highest end shingle.

The Benefits Tell the Story

Rooftop photoMalarkey strives to create products that are right for you. They come in different styles and colors so you can have the texture and look you want. They offer Flexor technology that increased the overall quality of multiple shingle lines that are available for you to keep your house safe and your roof looking fantastic. Nexgen technology has the Flexor benefits with the peace of mind that you are helping reduce waste. These, along with the plethora of other benefits, are what allow you to get the beauty and quality you want for your home.


East Fork Roofing – Flexor Technology Reno Roofing Services

Most of us may not be shingle experts, but we can still have high quality shingles. East Fork Roofing is a roofing company in Reno that offers Flexor Technology for residents of Reno and surrounding areas. If you have questions or need that extra opinion about which shingle is right for you, feel free to contact East Fork Roofing. We work hard to make sure your Reno roofing experience is a worry free one.




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