Is your asphalt shingle roof peeling, buckling, or lifting? Do you find missing shingles in your yard after a windstorm? Are the granules clogging your gutters and leaving your shingles shiny? Then it’s time to consider a roof replacement.
Our residential roofing services include the use of our sophisticated estimating system that allows us to accurately quote your roof replacement using aerial imagery, without a site visit. You will receive a quote in as little as 3 business days. 

All our replacement proposals come standard with a wide variety of different colors and styles of asphalt shingles – all of them manufactured with the highest quality material available.
As a Malarkey Certified Contractor, we have a strong relationship with the manufacturer should warranty issues arise.

Our Roof Replacement Process

Prepare Aerial Imagery Proposal

Once you give us a call for a full roof replacement, we are ready to take the request. We ask questions that help us better understand your specific roofing needs. We use aerial imagery (satellite images, similar to Google Earth) to estimate the size of your roof. We also conduct a risk and scenario analysis. This combination of measurements, risk, and scenarios is what sets us apart from other Reno roofing contractors. We not only include costs for a few different shingle options, we also outline potential costs, giving you a comprehensive roofing quote.


Upon acceptance of the proposal, we will give you a tentative start date. We have three types of dates to accommodate your scheduling needs - Priority, Standard, and Discount- current dates can be found in the original proposal email. Upon receipt of down payment or approval of project financing, we will begin your roof replacement by conducting a planning inspection.

The purpose of this inspection is for the superintendent to complete an in-depth analysis of the entire project and determine which, if any, of the proposed scenarios apply to your roof. Most companies send an estimator out to measure the roof with the goal of giving a price. This method makes it very easy to miss important details because the focus is on size and price.

Our sole focus with the planning inspection is to plan the details of execution. The superintendent has more time to pay attention to details because he is not focused on the price. These details include dumpster placement, a property protection plan, and a building code evaluation. This site visit helps us provide the highest quality work and experience.


With all of our projects, our roofers will completely remove the existing shingles and inspect the decking (the wood, also known as sheathing). We will replace any damaged pieces of wood to ensure the decking is sound. With a strong foundation, we are ready for the underlayment.

Prepare the Roof for New Shingles

There are different types of underlayment. Depending on where the house is located, we will include the underlayment per local building code and offer optional upgrades in case you have a preference. See here for more details.
We will also install a drip edge, which is a 2-inch piece of metal that goes along the edge of the roof. It is required by building code and prevents water damage to the fascia (the wood around the edge of the house).

Install Layers of Shingles

Next, we install the shingles. Each shingle has 6 nails for enhanced wind protection and for the manufacturer 130mph wind warranty coverage. At this point, we also install flashings and vents to keep your roof watertight and ready for any weather to come. The main things that differentiate us from that guy with a truck and a ladder are that we are licensed, insured, and have a strong relationship with Malarkey (our primary shingle manufacturer).


While we spend time every day cleaning up our mess, we do a final clean-up when we’re done with your roof replacement. Our goal is to leave your roof looking sharp and your lawn debris-free.

Wrap-Up and Final Inspection

After the job is completed, we schedule two inspections. The first is an inspection done by the city or county. They look at the roof and sign the permit posted on your property. Once they sign, you can take down the permit and keep it for your records.

The second is an internal inspection done by the same superintendent who did the planning inspection. He ensures the roof replacement meets our company standards and provides training points for newer employees. We then send a report to you so you can see the final product from up on the roof. If we notice anything that is not up to par, we will notify you and keep the project open until the issue is resolved.


Installing an Asphalt Shingle Roof

If it is time for you to replace your roof, don’t put it off. We can replace any steep roof with asphalt shingles. Whether you have old wood shakes or tiles that just keep cracking and leaking, we can remove them. Pick up the phone and take that first step to get a beautiful composition shingle roof that will leave you worry-free for decades.
Replace Your Roof
Affordable in comparison to tile or metal.
Works well on homes with steep slopes.
Relatively easy installation – reducing the cost of labor.
Low maintenance and can be walked on with limited damage.
Performs well in areas with extreme heat and cold.
Comes in a range of colors, styles, and prices.
Easy to repair.
Is Class A fire rated.
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