A home wouldn’t be complete without its roof, right? And there is nothing worse than a leaky roof. It doesn’t only damage other parts of your home, it also causes you stress. In knowing the right Reno roofing company to hire to repair, fix and do your roof, you will have a peace of mind despite the problems. So, how do you sort out who is trustworthy and experienced? Below, we’ve listed helpful tips for finding and choosing the best Reno roofing company and get your money’s worth.

Insurance is the first thing to check

The roofing Reno contractor that you will choose to work for you should have a liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Before deciding to pick a roofer, ask if you can see the certificates they have. Take some time to check and call their insurance carrier to make sure that they are valid and authentic. This will avoid you from being held liable should any unwanted accidents happen. Insurance will also protect you if there will arise any issue with your roof in the future.

Choose a local Reno roofing company

It’s a good choice to choose to go local. The number one reason to choose a local roofing contractor is there easier to contact if there’ll be any problems in the future. If you’re torn in deciding between a roofer with a 5-year warranty who lives so far away versus a local roofer who only offers a 2-year warranty, it’s best to choose local. It won’t do you any good if you cannot contact or track them down at the end of that time. Also, make sure that this roofing Reno company is reputable and reliable in your community before hiring them.

Quality Reno roofing company over price

Price is not everything so don’t ever decide who you hire based on how much they cost. It is understandable that you want to get a good deal on the roofing service you need, but the price shouldn’t be a determining factor for your decision. If you are looking for something cheap, they are all over the market. The problem with these cheap bids is that most of the time, you get what you pay for. If you want to have quality service and results, hire a roofing contractor based on their quality of work. Fees are high for a reason as a proper company will have proper insurance and licenses.

Don’t get attracted to door-to-door service

It may seem like a very good coincidence that some roofer came knocking at your door right when you need one. And while it may be convenient to hire them on the spot just because they “were in your neighborhood”, it’s not a very good decision to make. Steer clear of this. This is a canvassing and selling, and there is no way to know how well their workmanship is. It may be a quick fix but there is no guarantee that their work will last. Do your research before hiring a roofing company in Reno. Pick someone who has a solid background and history in this kind of work so you can get your money’s worth.

Don’t forget that communication is key

Deciding on a roofing Reno company, it’s important to remember that communication is key. Were your calls returned? Were you sent documentation when you asked for them? Did the roofer follow through? These questions should be answered with a yes. If not, then there is no proper communication here. Make sure to communicate and tell them your concerns. If it doesn’t work, it’s time to find another contractor.

Make sure to get the job details in a contract

Before paying the roofing Reno company you’ve finally chosen, get everything you’ve discussed in writing. This is to protect both you and the roofing contractor. Write down the details that both parties have agreed upon to make sure that all aspects of the job are understood. It’s suggested that you don’t make any payments until inspections are made and that the work is completed. You are the consumer here, it’s you that should be in control. Setting a clear expectation will avoid future frustrations.


East Fork Roofing – Roofing Company Reno

Finding a trustworthy roofing company in Reno can be hard work but by following the tips listed above, you will easily narrow down your options in no time. And if you find yourself looking for reputable roofing companies in Reno NV or the surrounding areas, please don’t hesitate to reach out to East Fork Roofing.


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