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A house’s roof is one of its most important parts because it protects the home and its occupants from rain, heat, and other harsh weather damage. A roof keeps the house’s interior safe and secured and ensures that the occupants will be able to stay inside the house with peace of mind. A roof has a big role to play and this is why it’s very important to take care of it.

A roof can last up to 25 years if properly maintained. Here’s a list of things you can do for your roof maintenance and to lengthen the lifespan of it, created by Reno roofing specialists at East Fork Roofing

Look up and check your roof shingles

The most visible part of your roof is its roofing shingles. These things play a big role in keeping your home dry. The shingles can be made out of a variety of materials. Some can be made from wood, slate and clay, and asphalt. Among these, the most common are asphalt shingles. A missing shingle or two may not be a big deal, but if left alone and unattended, it can lead to serious roof leaks and damages.

Roofing shingles are usually damaged by harsh weather, like ice and hail. However, trees are actually the biggest reason why shingles are damaged over time. A tree’s limbs are heavy, when harsh winds come, they make the limbs sway. If there are trees near your roof, there is a high chance that these tree limbs may hit it and cause a lot of damage.

Have a roofing Reno professional inspect your roof at least twice a year. Check for damages and missing shingles. The beginning of spring and fall is the wise time to check it. Keep the trees near your roof trimmed to protect your roofing shingles. If you are living in the Northern Nevada area, East Fork Roofing can assist you with any roofing needs in Reno. 

Check your roof for leaks

The major role of the roof is to keep the inside of the house dry and safe from the elements outside. If the roof has any leaks, that is a major cause of concern.

Aside from checking for missing roof shingles, checking for roof leaks should also be a part of a roof maintenance. Some leaks may go unnoticed for a while and this will cause major damage to the inside of your walls. This will eventually create mold. Other damages may include plaster ceiling damage, rotten roof decking, and/or sheet-rock.

One cause of having roof leaks is poor workmanship and improper installation. Some common problems can be insufficient nailing of the shingles, and reusing old flashings and pipe boots.

Checking a roof leak is easy, you just have to look up. Visually check your ceilings in all the rooms in your house for any discoloration. Roof leaks often create a yellow or brown stain.

Make sure to clean your gutters

Have an expert check and clean the gutters in your house a few times in a year. Having clogged gutters won’t allow the water inside it to flow down your roof. This stagnant, collected water will cause damage to your roof. The stranded water on the roof will also allow insects and rodents to enter your attic. Soon after, you may end up spending a lot of money on repairs or even replacements. This is why clean gutters are important for a healthy roof system.

Trees near your roof should be trimmed

If there are trees near your home’s roof, they need to be trimmed regularly. The fallen leaves can rot your roof shingles and make them weak. This will cause further damage to your roof. When there’s harsh weather, there will be chances that branches will fall. This can damage your roof tiles or tear off your gutter so you need to trim the trees to avoid this. You’ll want to remove fallen leaves and tree limbs the roof as soon as you see them maintain a good roof maintenance.

The roof is an important part of your house. It will definitely have to be replaced when the time comes but you can make it last for as long as you can by following the tips mentioned above. Having a regular roof maintenance habit will prolong your roof and will give you security over time. Get a professional to survey your roof.

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