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You need to replace your roof, but what are the roofing rules in Reno, Nevada?

In Nevada, two layers of shingles are allowed and anymore than this is considered to be too much. However, even though two layers are allowed, a single layer of shingles is highly recommended. Two layers of shingles are statistically more risky than single layered roofs. The chance of nail pops and blow offs are more likely with the second layer of shingles, and this can be damaging to your roof, and even the inside of your home. Shingles are meant to protect the wood underneath them and if they’re popping off of your Reno roofing, then they’re not doing their job anymore. If you’re planning on re-roofing your home, keep in mind these advantages and disadvantages for when roofing in Nevada cities like Reno.

roof replacement

Disadvantages of Multi-Layer Shingle Roofing in Reno

The number of complications caused by having two layers of shingles on your roof may end up costing you more for roofing in Reno than it’s worth.

  • Ugly

When installing a second layer over a wood shake or other uneven roofing Reno products, eventually the top layer will warm up and settle into the shape of the surface below. This can cause ugly bumps and visual deformities.

  • Nail Pops

Nail pops occur when the nails back out of the wood decking and push the shingle up or poke through the shingle.  Nail pops are more likely to effect a second layer of your Reno roofing because the nails from the first layer of the roof are not removed when adding a second layer and have loosened over the life of the first layer. They are also more likely to occur because the nails for the second layer have to pass through the first layer, requiring a longer nail and a higher pressure needing to be applied to the nail. This makes the nail less likely to fully seat and back out over time. By removing the first layer instead of installing over it, all the nails are removed and this risk is reduced. Nail pops first are noticeable when the shingle is pushed up and it looks like a fish-mouth. At this point, it is mostly an aesthetic issue. Eventually, the nail pop can push through the entire shingle and then there is high likelihood of water intrusion.

  • Blow-offs 

Blow-offs (wind damage) occur in sections of your roof that aren’t held down properly, thus letting the shingles blow right off your roof. Having two layers of shingles increases the frequency and size of blow-offs.

  • Leaking 

A double layered roof will make detecting a leak very difficult. With the second layer of shingles laying over the first layer, you aren’t able to properly examine the decking for damage. If there is damage on the roof deck, it will be much more difficult to access and repair with a second layer of shingles which can result in leakage.

  • Reduced Life

Any layer beyond the first layer of roofing in Reno is much more likely to have a shortened life due to the risks involved. The reductions in life are typically more than the amount saved. More specifically, the roof life of a second layer is reduced by 30-40%, but the amount of money saved is typically less than 10% of the cost.

  • Warranty 

It’s very typical that a manufacturer’s roof warranty does not cover the second layer of shingles. Manufacturers do not warranty the second layer of shingles because of the problems that arise from placing new roofing over an old roof. The second layer of shingles does not add extra protection to your roof, it actually creates unwanted problems such as nail pops and blow offs.

Benefits of a removal and replacement vs adding a second layer

At East Fork Roofing, we recommend replacements of roofing in Reno and nearby cities rather than adding an additional layer of shingles. Removing and replacing with new is a much better option compared to installing a second layer of roofing because of the cost-effectiveness and durability and they are more aesthetically appealing.

Durable and Reliable 

You can rely on the durability of a properly installed and maintained  roof replacement because they have proven to outlast the multi-layer roofs. Because of the problems that occur from layering shingles on top of other shingles, the single layer can withstand more weather-related or natural damages. With removal and replacement, you’ll be able to:

  • Detect damage easier
  • Qualify for a roof warranty
  • Secure shingles to the roof deck
  • Avoid nail pops and blow offs

Cost Effective 

As stated earlier, the cost of having your roof stripped from its old shingles and replaced with a single-layer of new shingles, will save you money in the long run. Without the advantage of a roof warranty, because manufacturers won’t warranty a roof with two layers of shingles, you will likely spend more money on repairs than you would have if you had your roof redone with a single layer of shingles.

roof replacement

Best roof replacement

Why you can trust East Fork with your roof:

East Fork Roofing in Reno stands by the notion that replacing your roof is more beneficial than adding a second layer. East Fork Roofing is unlike other roofing companies in Reno NV… in a good way. We practice the strategy of removing all of the old, and potentially damaged, roof materials, and starting fresh. This is because we know that the phrase “quality over quantity” is extremely relevant to the work we do. Contact East Fork Roofing, Reno’s roof replacement specialists, to get started today and get on your way to a new, long-lasting roof.

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