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Finding the right company, products, and services for your roof can be tricky. After all, it’s not every day you get a new roof. When we consider the materials we include in a quote, building type and location are major aspects. Depending on whether your home is a mobile home, a single-family residence, or a house by the lake, we take different measures to make sure your roof is watertight. Find out more about our roofing process by clicking on the service that applies to your home:
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Single family homes

Single-Family Homes

These are typical residential houses that are at elevations below 5,200 ft. Reno, Sparks, Carson, and other areas in the valley fall into this category. When we replace these homes, we remove the existing roof down to the wood (also known as sheathing or decking). We then examine the condition of the wood and replace the sheets as needed. In older homes, the wood may be board sheathing or skip sheathing. This means instead of using the modern standard 4x8 sheets of wood, there are long boards that go across the length of the roof, sometimes with space between them. When this occurs, we put 4x8 sheets on top to ensure we have a solid foundation for the roof.

After the decking is secured and ready, we install the underlayment. Standard underlayment consists of 15 pounds felt. We also offer 30 pounds felt and synthetic underlayment if those products are desired. The shingles follow suit and are the final step of installment. Our standard quote includes four different shingle lines that vary in lifespan, weight, and price.

Manufactured Homes

East Fork Roofing is licensed by the Nevada Manufactured Housing Division. Mobile homes in California are governed by local building departments and do not require an additional license.  Mobile and manufactured homes fall into the same category of roof installation. Please note that homes that currently have shingles on the roof are a prime candidate and we will further evaluate your situation if your home doesn't currently have shingles. The removal process is the same as other residential projects. We remove the existing shingles and inspect the wood (known as decking or sheathing). We then put on the underlayment, which consists of ice and water shield and 15 lb. felt. Ice and water shield is an underlayment that has an adhesive side that sticks directly to the decking. This helps prevent ice from forming at the edges of the roof and in the valleys.
Most mobile homes are also at a slightly lower pitch than most single-family residences. As such, we use two layers of 15 lb. felt where the second layer overlaps at 18 in. intervals. This means you get two to three layers of felt ensuring extra leak protection. The shingles top it off with a polished finish. We offer three different shingles in our standard quote.
high altitude roof services

High Altitude Homes

Homes that are located at elevations above 5,200 ft are considered high altitude. The removal process is the same for single-family homes. We remove the existing shingles and evaluate the condition of the wood (also referred to as decking or sheathing). We then install ice and water shield and 30 lb. felt. When ice and water are installed along the eaves and valley, it is called “ice dam protection.” These areas are particularly prone to ice build-up and need extra protection to prevent leaking and damage. The 30 lb. underlayment is then installed over the rest of the house, and then the shingles are installed. We offer four different shingle lines when quoting houses at high elevations.
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Houses located in the Tahoe and Donner areas are at even higher elevations than the “high altitude homes” previously discussed. These homes tend to be at about 6,000 ft or higher. Extra protection is needed as snow tends to accumulate and stay for extended periods of time. We only work on houses in these areas when there are fewer chances of snow (spring through fall) and avoid winter months. Scheduling is a more imminent factor than it is in other areas.
The removal of the roof is the same as all other projects. We remove the shingles and determine if the wood (commonly known as sheathing or decking) is in good condition. There are many houses that have external insulation instead of attic insulation. This means there is a chance we will need to add wood to the entire house. We include this as a scenario in our quote and will determine if it is needed during our onsite planning inspection.
We then install ice and water shield over the full roof. Ice and water is an underlayment that sticks directly to the sheathing, sealing the area. We then install 30 lb. felt over the top, creating a two-layer underlayment system that provides excellent leak protection. We install one of three shingle options provided in the quote, creating a watertight, Class A fire-resistant roofing system.

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