Recently, Reno, NV came in second place as “The Windiest City in the U.S. in 2016” according to the research and consulting firm CoreLogic. To arm your roof with the best defenses against Reno’s gusts, Reno's very own roofing company, East Fork Roofing, highly recommends that you choose to go with shingles that come with the appropriate wind warranty.

East Fork Roofing was started in the mid 90’s by roofing contractor, Clay Davis, who resides in the Carson City area. He has been servicing Reno/Carson throughout that time and knows a thing or two about installing roofs in a high wind area. He taught his son, Mike, these principles from a young age and now Mike owns and operates East Fork Roofing, LLC out of Sparks, NV.

East Fork Roofing is roofing company in Reno and nearby cities, so they are familiar with the Northern Nevada area and its windy weather conditions. As far as shingles go, the first order of business is to avoid 3-tab shingles if you live in a high wind area.  These shingles are flat and only have a wind warranty up to 60 mph. Here is a photo that illustrates the 3-tab shingles:

3 tab shingles

And here is what it looks like when they blow off:

house with missing shingles

East Fork Roofing, for the past 15-20 years, has been using a stronger “dimensional shingle”. These sturdier shingles can withstand winds up to 130 mph. Protection up to 60 mph just isn’t enough when you take into consideration that according to the RGJ, Reno saw wind speeds up to 90 mph last year. Here you can see the superior shingles:

3 tab shingles on a house

When it comes to wind conditions in Northern Nevada, choose roofing companies in Reno NV like East Fork Roofing that use products from Malarkey and Certainteed, both of which carry wind warranties up to 130 mph. They also come with manufacturing warranties should there be any defects. If you wanted even more protection there is also an option from Malarkey for a heavyweight shingle that resists winds up to 140 mph. Lastly, East Fork installs your shingles correctly with the right type, spacing and amount of nails so that your shingles have less of a chance of blowing away in the first place. EFR also covers their workmanship with a generous 5-year service warranty.

So, if you have 3-tab shingles and/or are missing shingles, call East Fork Roofing LLC today for a free roof replacement quote at 775-800-7663. (Clay's contractor’s license is now under the name “Clay Davis” and the number is # 0058079, while East Fork Roofing LLC’s number is #0081744.)


Link to RGJ article:

What is Roof Sheathing?

Much more than just plywood sheeting to which shingles are attached, a roof’s sheathing is the glue that holds an entire roof together. Roof sheathing is ultimately what keeps your roof structurally sound, as it stabilizes the rafters and supports the roofing materials. East Fork Roofing, a roofing company in Reno and Northern Nevada, strongly believes in maintaining your roof sheathing. 

Roof sheathing also helps keep the roof trusses and rafters properly spaced, which allows for contraction and expansion with seasonal weather changes. Most often made out of materials such as plywood or OSB, these installations can vary based on budget and weather conditions.

Does My Roof Need Sheathing?

1. Poor Building Materials or Bad Sheathing

In any case of roof replacement or repair, we will check for bad sheathing, which include sheathing that will not hold the nail properly due to dry rot or moisture, or the usage of inferior building materials. In an average home, there are 2-5 sheets, and in cases of bad sheathing, we will replace each bad 4’x8’ sheet individually.

During our planning inspection, we will walk the entire roof to see if it is overly spongy. If this is the case, we will approximate the costs prior to the project.  As a general rule, approximately 1 in 500 roofs will have an issue where the cost to replace each sheet individually will be more than if a second layer of sheathing had been installed. With East Fork Roofing Reno, the customer can feel free to cancel or postpone the project until they get a second opinion.

2. Outdated Sheathing Practices

Prior to the invention of plywood, a type of sheathing was used where wood planks were installed. These generally consisted of 1”x8” or 1”x12” planks installed with small gaps between them.

If your roof was installed with this sheathing style, you will experience problems when it comes time for your roof to be replaced or fixed. Due to the gaps all over the plywood, a significant percentage of nails will not hit solid wood when shingles are being installed, increasing the chance for shingle blowoff and roof leakage. We will require that a layer of sheathing be installed prior to installing your new roof so that these gaps do not exist.

3. Shake Roofing

During the 70s and 80s,  a fad emerged where shake roofing was installed over 1”x 8” boards spaced approximately 4-6” apart.  To resolve this, after the old shakes are removed, sheathing must be installed to provide a proper substrate to which the shingles can be attached.

If your roof was installed with shake roofing, it is time to get a replacement done the right way with a qualified and experienced roofing company.

Benefits of Sheathing

toolbelt for a certified rooferStructural Integrity: When done correctly, sheathing is not only a base for laying down shingles, but also adds to the structural integrity of the home is it ties all the trusses and rafters together.

Soundproofing: Laying down a layer of plywood or OSB helps to add an additional layer of soundproofing from rain, storms, or other weather conditions.

Which Sheathing Material Should You Use?

There are generally two types of sheathing that are used most often by professional roofing Reno contractors, plywood and OSB, each having their own advantages.

OSB is a less expensive option, although it has been considered to be lower quality as well. However, there are many benefits and advantages of OSB over plywood. OSB is generally more square and can be made into much larger sheets. It is also very strong, and the screw hold measures equally with plywood.

When moisture enters the picture, plywood performs much better though. Unlike OSB, when plywood expands from water exposure, it expands evenly throughout the panel and then returns back to normal thickness, whereas OSB expands unevenly around the edges and will expand up to 15% of its normal size.

A professional roofing contractor can evaluate your needs and decide which sheathing material is the best fit. Though OSB and plywood are the most popular options, others include strawboard, gypsum and foam sheathing.

Roofing Company Reno, NV

Unless you are an experienced contractor, you shouldn’t try to replace or lay your roof’s sheathing as it is the framework of your home. Professional roofing companies in Reno NV like East Fork Roofing are able to select the proper materials and fasteners for your home. If you are in need of roof sheathing or replacement, let our experts evaluate your roofing needs and install the best sheathing for your house. Let us set you up with a free quote!


Most homeowners want a Reno roofing material that is high quality but not too costly. They also want a roof that requires little to no maintenance, basically a roof that will last for a lifetime. That is the ideal roof, but most roofing materials have a certain lifespan and will need to be replaced or repaired after every ten years. Homeowners should be careful in choosing roof materials so they can save on the cost of replacement. East Fork Roofing, a roofing company in Reno and surrounding areas, lists out the pros and cons of different types of roof materials. 

There are a variety of roofing materials available on the market. These include asphalt shingles, cement and tile roofing, metal roofing and more. In selecting the kind of roofing material for your house, it should be based on these factors:

Knowing the pros and cons of available roofing materials that your roofing company in Reno has to offer will help you in your selection. Here are some of the most popular roof materials in use:

Asphalt Shingles

This is the most common roofing material in Reno and comprises for almost 80% of the housing market.

Pros: They are one of the most affordable roofing materials on the market. They have great wind and fire resistance and are moderate in weight.

Cons: Their lifespan is relatively short and they require a lot of maintenance. Asphalt shingles aren’t very durable or eco-friendly. If you are looking for a roofing material that needs little to no maintenance and lasts, asphalt shingles aren’t for you.

Composition Shingles

For a neat and clean look, composition shingles are great as they are affordable, too.

Pros: This type of roofing material comes in a variety of colors and brands. They are versatile and adaptable for different applications. Composition shingles are easy to install. In some applications, they can be put over the existing roof. They are low maintenance and most brands offer fire protection.

Cons: Composition shingles can be blown off in high winds and the material is easily scarred when hot. It also does not look like a tile or a shake. If you want a decorative roofing material, this is not for you.

Wooden Shakes

Wood shakes are usually made from cedar but can also be made from other types of wood.

Pros: Wooden shingles give a unique and natural look, and it will add character. They are eco-friendly as they are made from natural and recyclable materials. It offers energy benefits like insulating the attic and allowing the house to breathe through ventilation. Wooden shakes are also relatively affordable.

Cons: Wooden shakes have low fire resistance unless specially coated or treated. This roofing material also has a shorter lifespan and needs more maintenance. The installation for this kind of roofing is more complicated than other roofing materials.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are a type of roofing material that is heavy and are atop most stucco homes. It’s a good choice for homes with a Spanish, Italian or Southwestern design.

Pros: Clay tiles are fired in a kiln, which can add to the energy efficiency of your home. It has a long lifespan, won’t rot, won’t be damaged by insects, not combustible and is low maintenance. It’s also available in many colors and has an attractive look.

Cons: Clay tiles are expensive and they can be broken in severe storms. They are also very heavy so they can be difficult to install. Also, because of their weight, it sometimes requires new reinforcements to the roof before they can be installed. Another con is that the colors might fade away.


Slates are shingle-like slivers of rock and they are used as a roofing material on upscale houses. It is an expensive material but offers a very clean and natural look in many different patterns.

Pros: Slates have a very long lifespan just like clay tiles. It also has good fire protection and is low maintenance. Slates have a very strong composition so they are invulnerable to rot and insects. Another benefit is that slates come in different colors and sizes.

Cons: Slate tiles are heavy and will sometimes require extra support, which can be expensive. They are also breakable so it’s not recommended for non-professionals to walk on it.

Concrete Tiles

This kind of roofing material has become more popular, especially in modern houses. Concrete tiles are lightweight and are manufactured from different fiber-reinforced cement products. Some are coated with enamels, thin metals, or plastics.

Pros: They are long-lasting and very durable. They are also great fire-resistant materials and cost relatively cheaper than clay tiles. Concrete tiles can also fit in a variety of home designs and aesthetics.

Cons: The material may be less expensive compared to clay tiles, but it is still more expensive than asphalt shingles. Concrete tiles can break and crack during heavy winds and may require roof reinforcement due to its weight.

There are so many Reno roofing materials available on the market and most of them promise they can last up to 50 years. Be careful when selecting your roofing materials, especially from suppliers that don’t have a proven track record. If you are looking for a reliable roofing company in Reno with quality roofing contractor services, check out East Fork Roofing, a roofing company in Reno today!

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